Chateau Trails Estate

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A selection of images from my Real Estate Shoot for Northern California  “Lifestyle Realtor” Linda McMillan. Chateau Trails Estate is a 4,000 sq ft. 4 bedroom 4 bath & 4 car garage built in 1996 featuring 38 acres of horse property on a full 100 acre parcel in the beautifully wooded hills just above historic Coloma CA.


This property was originally listed at $2.9M and is now listed for $2.3M


This home took a total of 7 hours of photography and an additional 4 hours of editing. The majority of the images were shot using a variety of off camera strobes with triggers and some of the images were possible with the help of multiple exposures blended to produce an HDR.


The majority of the rooms and spaces were fairly strait forward in regards to composition and lighting but a few, such as the master bathroom were a real challenge leaving me wondering where to place the lights so there wouldn’t be reflections in the mirrors and shadows from the 5 lights needed to light the space.


The Master Bedroom and Bath were probably the most challenging spaces with very over exposed windows to deal with and so many reflection issues in the master bath. I always love problem solving and I had my hands full with these two rooms. I found myself looking around for places to hide my 4 lights that it took to properly lite the master bedroom and in the bathroom, well let’s just say, my work was in the toilet.


One feature I loved about this home was the “His and Her” offices, one off the main entry and one off the kitchen. Personally I think this would be a big part of my decision to spend over $2M on my next home..


The second and third bedrooms were wonderful additions to this home. Both had great views as did most every room in the entire estate. Of all the rooms they were by far the easiest & most strait forward to light and photograph and after tackling the master they felt like a breeze.


So it was surely a long day but with views like this I feel very fortunately I get to spend my day photographing a property such as this.


This was by far the biggest most involved Interiors shoot this year and the hardest and most time consuming. I think you will agree the final images were worth the time and effort.  As always I welcome your feedback, comments and questions..


3 thoughts on “Chateau Trails Estate

    1. Thanks Jonathan… your time to comment means so much to me.
      Yes there was a lot of “Chatter” but it’s all good..
      This was a big one for me as I am really going to the next level now and as I aspire to some really great work I need to step up my game.. i am very happy with the results and feel I did the property justice.. it was hard work but worth it..

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