Elegant Tuscan Twilight Photography in Secluded Meadow Vista CA

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Images By Northern California Based Interiors & Real Estate Photographer Rich Baum
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This Elegant Tuscan Estate set upon 1.2 acres in beautiful Meadow Vista CA provides a level of privacy, and enchanting views of the nature preserve!

Listed Agent: Brenda Brown-Williams with Brenda Brown Luxury Homes Inc. 916-517-2300


Model Home Shoot with Sony a6000

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Images By Northern California Based Interiors & Real Estate Photographer Rich Baum
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I recently had the opportunity to photograph a model home with a consumer grade Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera..  This camera is not only very inexpensive but light and small which is such a welcome change from the big heavy Nikon DSLR Cameras I use daily. In addition to this camera body I used a 16-50mm “Kit” lens which actually preformed quite well for something so inexpensive.

All photos were hand held using only available light and no tripod.






Now I’m not about to go out and sell all my Nikon gear and stop using lights and a tripod but it was sure refreshing to get these results from something as simple as a $400 Mirrorless Sony Camera..


Best of 2014

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Images By Northern California Based Interiors & Real Estate Photographer Rich Baum
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What a wonderful year it was.





























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Industrial Photography – Johnson & Johnson – Vacaville CA

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Images By Sacramento Based Real Estate Photographer Rich Baum


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This past year Rich Baum Photography has been contracted to provide industrial photography for the Cyma Builders & Construction Managers of Blue Bell PA.

This project is an Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade for Johnson & Johnson’s Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group in Vacaville CA


With limited time to photograph the finished project I rushed around with the help of the project manager and tried to capture as much of the upgrades as possible.


Much of the time we were outfitted in clean suits as this was a “Clean” area used to mix huge quantities of Pharmaceuticals used in products such as Tylenol and Tylenol PM.  2013-12-19_0005







River Front Estate – Chico CA

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I recently had the opportunity to photograph a 7,000 sq ft estate just east of beautiful Chico CA. Let’s talk about attention to detail? Nothing was  overlooked.. from the artwork to the appointments, fixtures, everything was just stunning. This is the home of a Dr. and an artist and it really shows.. Beautiful ceramics and custom artwork were everywhere and let me tell you, the kitchen was out of this world. I especially liked the Doctors work station complete with 5 side by side monitors and a treadmill so he can exercise while he works remotely from his home.

The grounds were absolutely beautiful including river front access and a championship tennis court. There was even a solar farm to supply energy for this estate and then some..

Listed at $2.2M i must say seems like a steal.. if I had an extra Mill this would be the home I would love to buy..

DSC_5547 DSC_5716_HDR 2013-05-30_0001 2013-05-30_0002 2013-05-30_0003 2013-05-30_0004 2013-05-30_0005 2013-05-30_0006 2013-05-30_0007 2013-05-30_0008 2013-05-30_0009 2013-05-30_0010 2013-05-30_0011 2013-05-30_0012





Empty Space…

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As a real estate photographer I am often left with the challenge of making an empty space look “Inviting & Desirable”, something you could imagine yourself actually living in. Remember, in Real Estate Photography it’s not all $1M estates…

Well this assignment was surely challenging with not “a stitch” of furniture and aside from a curtain or two was completely empty.


Lighting empty spaces can be a real challenge and often I shoot for HDR / High Dynamic Range images rather then a single exposure adding lights to fill in the dark spaces. This procedure can give a more 3 dimensional look to what would otherwise come off as ordinary images.


So in all I went with a percentage of about a 25 – 75% in favor of HDR as it added a quite a bit of “Feeling” and warmth to an empty area that otherwise could be viewed as “cold & sterile”


As always I look forward to your comments and feedback…


Erin & Chris’s Engagement Shoot…

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I was recently contacted by a newly engaged couple that was refereed to me by a past client to photograph their wedding in June.


Unfortunately as I was booked that date I let them know I was not available and after hearing of her disappointment we said our good byes. About a month later I got a call back from the bride to be asking if I could shoot their engagement photos.. and of course I said yes and we proceed to make plans.. I mean, how great is it that even after knowing she found another photographer for the wedding she still picked me to shoot her engagement photos.. What an honor..


It was so great to know that even though they found another photographer to shoot their wedding they still wanted me to photograph their engagement session. So we decided to set this photo session at one of my favorite spots in Sacramento, Sialor Bar which has so many great shooting locations and “Looks” all within a 5 minute walk.. From the raging American River, wonderful natural trails and for my newest favorite spot, a secluded nook by the water which happened to have wild Iris flowers in  full bloom providing a special backdrop to what was turning out to be a great time for everyone.


To end this Engagement shoot, with the help of Chris’s Dad we had their fully restored 1960’s El Camino to use as our backdrop… so I had them park this vintage beauty under an iconic Oak tree for some fun shots with this couple in love.


This was the perfect opportunity for me to put on my creative “Think Cap” and play around with some poses and to top it off we included a nice bottle of with for toasting their future new lives together.. the beginning of what will be a long journey together..


In the end I feel so lucky to spend such special time with this wonderful couple.. I truly wish I wasn’t booked for their wedding as I am confident it will be a wonderful and very special day..


Chateau Trails Estate

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A selection of images from my Real Estate Shoot for Northern California  “Lifestyle Realtor” Linda McMillan. Chateau Trails Estate is a 4,000 sq ft. 4 bedroom 4 bath & 4 car garage built in 1996 featuring 38 acres of horse property on a full 100 acre parcel in the beautifully wooded hills just above historic Coloma CA.


This property was originally listed at $2.9M and is now listed for $2.3M


This home took a total of 7 hours of photography and an additional 4 hours of editing. The majority of the images were shot using a variety of off camera strobes with triggers and some of the images were possible with the help of multiple exposures blended to produce an HDR.


The majority of the rooms and spaces were fairly strait forward in regards to composition and lighting but a few, such as the master bathroom were a real challenge leaving me wondering where to place the lights so there wouldn’t be reflections in the mirrors and shadows from the 5 lights needed to light the space.


The Master Bedroom and Bath were probably the most challenging spaces with very over exposed windows to deal with and so many reflection issues in the master bath. I always love problem solving and I had my hands full with these two rooms. I found myself looking around for places to hide my 4 lights that it took to properly lite the master bedroom and in the bathroom, well let’s just say, my work was in the toilet.


One feature I loved about this home was the “His and Her” offices, one off the main entry and one off the kitchen. Personally I think this would be a big part of my decision to spend over $2M on my next home..


The second and third bedrooms were wonderful additions to this home. Both had great views as did most every room in the entire estate. Of all the rooms they were by far the easiest & most strait forward to light and photograph and after tackling the master they felt like a breeze.


So it was surely a long day but with views like this I feel very fortunately I get to spend my day photographing a property such as this.


This was by far the biggest most involved Interiors shoot this year and the hardest and most time consuming. I think you will agree the final images were worth the time and effort.  As always I welcome your feedback, comments and questions..

La Huaca Resturant by YKD Interiors

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I had the pleasure of meeting the young and creative designer Yukio Kashiwagui-Diver  and contracted to shoot a new project for him. Yukio is the “YKD” in YKD Interiors. Teaming up with another “up and coming designer” Karen Valasquez, together they have some big ideas and plans for future projects in which I am looking forward to being involved with.


Our initial meeting eventually led me to photographing the new restaurant he designed in Roseville CA   “La Huaca” specializing in Peruvian Cuisine. On a tight budget Yukio came up with some creative ideas how to capture the feeling of Peru. I hope you will come to experience fantastic traditional Peruvian food and be sure to try their Civichi Bar for some of the best seafood I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. 2013-03-01_0002



Interior Design by Tami Teel

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I recently had the pleasure to photograph a remodel designed by the talented Tami Teel based in Roseville CA.

Tami and I met while I was providing production stills for the DIY Network television show “Ultimate Crash” and after talking with each other about shooting some web site and portfolio images we decided on this beautiful remodel that was recently completed. Every part of this project was custom and first class and from a photographer’s perspective it was a wonderful opportunity to photograph.