Rich Baum’s “Tips & Tricks for Real Estate Photography” Workshop Tour 2018

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Rich Baum’s

“Tips & Tricks for Real Estate Photography”

Workshop Tour 2018

Feb 28 – Mar 1    Auburn CA

March 21 – 22     Auburn CA

April 9 – 10          Seattle WA

April 12 – 13       Seattle WA

May 7 – 8           Dallas TX



You have watched Rich’s YouTube videos, now you can spend two days with Rich Baum for a hands-on photography workshop learning first hand all his tips and tricks.

The 2018 tour will kick off in beautiful and historic Auburn California Feb. 28 to Mar. 1 – 2018.


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Who is This Workshop For

This workshop is designed for the real estate photographer looking to build his or her “Bag of Tricks”. You will learn to shoot better, faster, and produce a more consistent product that will help take you to the next level. Most of the techniques we will be working on will already be on the “Tips & Tricks” YouTube Channel so you can watch all the videos and catch up before your workshop.


What’s Included

  • Two full days of classroom instruction and location photography including a twilight shoot
  • Hands-on “one-on-one” instruction with Rich Baum
  • Access to new private video tutorials reviewing all the techniques needed to prepare for this workshop
  • Coffee, Bagels & Donuts / Snacks / Drinks / Lunch provided both days
  • Follow-up instructional opportunities


What to Bring 

  • Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless)
  • Wide angle lens (24mm or wider)
  • Tripod & Head
  • Wireless lights (1-2), trigger & light stand
  • Laptop computer with Lightroom & Photoshop


What You Will Learn

  • Choosing the right equipment that works best for real estate photography
  • How to use lighting to efficiently produce consistent results
  • How, why when to use a Tilt Shift lens
  • Saving time shooting and editing while still producing high quality images
  • Composition
  • Thinking about your editing as you shoot
  • Special Sauce & Presets
  • Remote tethering
  • Flambient / Compositing Techniques
  • Let the ambient exposure do the heavy lifting
  • Window Pull (Darken Mode)
  • Demystifying Twilight Photography
  • Sky replacements
  • Lighting big / long spaces
  • How to deal with color casts & avoid glare
  • Pole Photography 101, learn how to build and use a 16′ pole
  • Photo editing in Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Business Practices / Getting Business / Keeping Business


Cost & Details

  • $875 for 2 full days
  • 10 Attendees Max
  • Northern California / Sacramento Area
  • Within 50 mi. of Sacramento International Airport
  • Lodging and Restaurants within 5 miles


Workshop Location

The location for the Feb 29th workshop will be in beautiful & historic Auburn CA which is 39 miles from Sacramento International Airport. Auburn is a beautiful location with ample hotels, restaurants and shopping. With Lake Tahoe only 90 miles to the East you might want to schedule an extra day to check out the sights, do a little gambling or hit the slopes for some world class skiing, and don’t forget San Francisco or Yosemite as they are all within a couple of hours drive  The home we will be using for this workshop is Stone House Mount Vernon, a “One of a kind” beautiful custom home that is the perfect environment for this workshop and will be a joy to photograph.  As you can see from the images below Stone House is sure to offer everyone many portfolio image opportunities.

  • “At a Rich Baum workshop you will find, as I did, that he is informative, generous and the hands-on education stays with you. I look forward to continued workshops with him for the bottom line: My photography results improved dramatically”            Sharon O’Brien-Lykins  /


  • Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because attending a workshop with Rich Baum will knock your socks off.   He is super informative and completely transparent in his practice and technique. I was pretty strong going into his work shop but walked out of it with a whole new approach and bag of tricks! Nothing quite like having an arsenal of knowledge taught to you by one of the best when you get into a tough photography situation”  Kristine Kohl  /


  • “I have been an avid follower of Rich’s YouTube videos, so when I heard that he was holding a workshop on real estate photography, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. Rich’s delivery style in person is very much like what you see in his videos. He is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and clear in his delivery of the content. He uses real-world examples that are relevant to real estate photographers and brings his years of experience into the classroom. I highly recommend Rich’s workshops!”  Cheryl DeCristofaro /


  • Rich Baum is an excellent instructor and it was a pleasure to see him work in person. What I truly appreciated was that he teaches you how to maximize your time both on location and during the editing process. He is full of knowledge, patience and loves sharing his expertise of real estate photography. It was really a great experience”  Mary Powell /



To register or for more info CLICK HERE

About Rich Baum

Rich Baum is a California-based photographer with experience shooting a broad range of real estate and architecture. He has worked for national developers, residential and commercial real estate agents, builders and designers. Whether producing images for Fortune 500 companies, national developers, residential or commercial real estate agents, builders or designers, his core mission remains the same: To exquisitely capture the subject at hand while providing outstanding service and a truly enjoyable experience. Over the course of twenty-five years working with as a property master, set dresser and stylist on Hollywood movie sets, Rich developed a keen eye for detail, framing, and composition – skills that serve him well when he transitioned to professional photography more than a decade ago. In the past year, Rich has had a growing on-line presence with his YouTube Channel featuring video tutorials focusing on Real Estate Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques.